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Company Profile

    SKYSTONE has been devoting to manufacture diamond tools for the stone industry since 1994,it successfully developed diamond wire as the mainstay product in 2000, then developed the wire saw machine and set up a stone machine factory in 2003. At present ,it has a professional diamond wire saw manufacturing factory ,a stone machine maufacturing factory, a diamond tool R&D center, a equipment R&D center,a mining project technology center and a building cutting technology center. Our company has nearly 300 employees now. Meanwhile, it belongs to the high technology industry and has achieved variety of self-owned intellectual property rights.
    We own our special advanced diamond wire manufacture technique and complete the series of diamond wire production. The series include stone processing (especially for multi-wire machines), mining and concrete building cutting, etc. the product performance has been well proven worldwide. Our production has been exported widely to Brazil, Iran, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Polandand other 30 countries.
    For the mining equipment, we have developed well performed TSY-G series wire saw machines. This series machines have automatic control and strongly self – protection function with a large range of power (11—75KW); suitable for various types of quarries. We also the pioneer of the largest power (TSY-110G)for wire saw machines around the world. We have developed cutting machines specialized in high temperature and arid area ,TSY-DH90 series drilling machines which used for quarrying and other auxiliary mining equipment. Amount of our products were exported to Brazil, Norway, Indonesia, South Africa, Australiaand other 20 countries.
    For the stone processing equipment, we have pioneered the multi-wire machine (TSY-MW42) and achieved variety of self-owned intellectual property rights. This series with high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection will certainly change our traditional granite process technology.
    We have already established diamond wire saw technology systerm for quarrying. We also have professional trainers and projects service teams. It can provide professional services include planning and design of mining, training of mining technology, team construction of mining and market mining project,etc.
    We are the committee member of “China National Technical Committee of Standardization of Stone Products and Auxiliary Materials Technology Committee” and the special committee member of “Association of Industry of Chinese Stone Machinery and Tools Committee”.