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Diamond Wires for Multi-wire Sawing Machine

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  Stone Name: Brazil White Granite
  Wire saw type: GMP8.2 &GMP7.2 diamond wires combination
  Working Period: From 2009
  Equipment Condition: Italy Multi-wire Saw Machine
  Cutting Speed: 6-10 (mm/min)
  Lifetime: 8-12 (m2/m-12)
  Operation Conditions: According to equipment condition, it can get high efficiency by installing many wires (18, 36, 42wires)at one time. The sawing speed can reach 8-12 (mm/min), the stone of 3M in length and 2M in   height could be finished within 5-7hours. There is almost no noise and small pressure during sawing. It requires less water and small space.It also can be recycled and used without complex equipments. Those blocks with cranny can be cut effeciently and output is increasing sharply.