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Multi Saw Machine

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Skystone had global experience of diamond multi wire using in different brands of multi wire saw machines,such as PEDRINI,GASPARI-MENOTTI, UNIVERSO,BIDESE, PELLEGRINI and so on.  Skystone diamond wire can reach cutting speed at 35-55cm/h with life 10-16m2/m for medium hardness granite in Brazil.
With following features, Skystone diamond multi wires are recognized as the standard of wire performance and quality in Brazil and exported to global main slabs production areas such as Middle East, Europe ,India and South Africa.
Feature: 1.Stable quality for speed and life. 
                2. Less wire breakage rate.
                3.No need rebuilding for finishing all diamond beads.
Ramos-Universo from Brazil professionally focus on their only product, Multi Wire Saw machine with more than 10 years experience.After years of effort and continuously upgrade, their unique structure and maximize the diamond wire performance. Their machines are the better option for clients comparing to European brands,in consideration of easy set-up and less maintenance cost.This type machine has been widely sold in Braizl with 150 sets, i.e. around 50% market share, the Top Sales Brand in market.
Feature: 1.Wire length 10-35% less.
                2.Cutting Speed: 15-30% higher. 
                3.Wire Life:15-20% higher.
                4. 15-20% cost less in water and electricity.  
In 2014 Skystone began to cooperate with Ramos-Universo and introduced their whole technology. Based on the concept of maxing the wires performance,SKYSTONE combined three years operation experience of  first generation multi wire machine, TSY-MW42 and the patented technology as well as Ramos-Universo's original designs and experience to build new and and whole up-grade multi wire saw machine, TSY-MW42U.
After comprehensive finite element analysis, an advanced and optimized design are conducted  into the manufacturing TSY-MW42U with following features:

1.Main structure is more rational and stable and the pulley system are more steady and reliable,which can guarantee machine operation life and cutting stable.

2.Based on the concept of maximize diamond wire performance, the cutting result is optimized with less cutting cost. The rubber life over 3000hours and the bearing life over 6000hour.